Indian Delegation Landed Kabul to Discuss, Diplomatic Ties, Humanitarian Aid

KABUL (BNA): The External Affairs Ministry of India in a statement today Thursday said a delegation of his country traveled to Kabul to discuss diplomatic ties, and paths to procure humanitarian subsidies to the Afghan people.

The Indian External Ministry said a delegation is organized to meet with officials Islamic Emirate plus representatives of international aid agencies in Kabul to discuss the cycle of strengthening humanitarian aid to the needy in Afghanistan.

According to the statement, the country is increasing its humanitarian cooperation expected to the current economic situation in Afghanistan and the people’s need for urgent humanitarian assistance.

The Indian officials say their country has already delivered two aid cargoes to Afghanistan, containing 20,000 metric tonnes of wheat, 13 tonnes of medicine, 500,000 tonnes of corona vaccine, and winter clothing.

Adding ministry of India said it had provided the Iranian government with one million doses of corona vaccine to vaccinate Afghan refugees into the country, as well as 60 million doses of polio vaccine and two tons of medicine through the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). the children of Afghanistan have been boosted.

The Indian delegation arrived in Kabul set to review infrastructure projects formerly funded and technically supported by that country, and the delegation probably will discuss diplomatic ties with Islamic Emirate officials on the reopening of its embassy in Kabul.

India has been one of the great companions of the Afghan government for the last twenty years.

The country has funded and technicalized several infrastructure projects, including the Selma Dam, as well as the new Afghan Parliament building.

In addition to financial aid, India has provided thousands of scholarships to Afghan students and hundreds of Afghan students are currently studying at prestigious Indian universities.


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