IEA to Negotiate Over Helicopters Belong to Afghan Delivered to Ukraine by US

KABUL (BNA) Round of talks will start with US over-delivering Afghan Helicopters to Ukraine by the US said officials Sources in the Islamic Emirate.

Five former Afghan Army helicopters that already been transferred to Ukraine for repairs remained in that country following recent evolutions in Afghanistan the issue was raised by the spokesman Islamic Emirate when the United State has delivered the helicopters to Ukraine, wrote the BNA commentator.

In addition, the United States has delivered to Ukraine sixteen MI-17 helicopters and other military equipment for Afghanistan.

In the wake of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the United States has pledged arms assistance to the KIF, and unfortunately, some of these commitments have been fulfilled in Afghanistan’s military assets.

Dozens of Afghan military planes have been handed over to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan since August 9 last year due to political upheaval in the country, and those countries do not want to hand over the planes to Afghanistan because they do not know the Islamic Emirate. By the international community.

In addition to the five Afghan Army helicopters that have been flown to Ukraine for repairs, the United States plans to purchase 11 more helicopters for Afghanistan as part of its military aid package to Ukraine. Acquired by the United States except in accordance with international ownership of Afghan property.

According to political analysts, the arms embargo between Afghanistan and the United States is currently in legal limbo due to the lack of recognition of a new government in Afghanistan, but the problem is not permanent, it will soon be over. To be solved. Or what will the US do for the Afghan government and people?

In this regard, there is no problem in handing over these helicopters to Afghanistan in the current situation, as the contract for the purchase and repair of these helicopters has already been finalized.

The Islamic Emirate has criticized the US move and insisted that the aircraft be delivered to Afghanistan.

Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Zabihullah Mujahid, said: “The helicopters seized from Afghanistan are the first criminals to shoot down the helicopters. They were traitors and the second is that we are with the Americans and the countries that shot down our helicopters. One at war. The countries that; We are trying to make it Afghan property and then hand it over to Afghanistan.



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