IEA High-Rank Officials Visits ‘Mes Aynak’

KABUL (BNA) Acting Mines and Petroleum Minister Shahabuddin Sheikh Delawar and Acting Information and Culture Minister Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwah and his accompanying delegation visited the ‘Mes Aynak’ copper mine in Logar on Friday.

The Islamic Emirate officials during their visits held talks with the representatives of the Chinese company contracted for the ‘Mes Aynak’ copper mine and vowed that they would spare no effort to preserve the historical relics in the province and expand the Aynak copper mine, said a statement.

The Minister of Information and Culture and Mr. Delawar said that the opening of the ‘Mes Aynak’ copper mine would provide job opportunities to a large number of people which would have a positive impact on the economy of the people.

In the wake of the Islamic Emirate sovereignty, mining has started in many provinces of the country, which has provided job opportunities to thousands of people, across the country.


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