Former Government Employees Return Home to Panjshir Province in Large Numbers

BAZARAK (BNA): A significant number of former government employees, who had been residing abroad, have returned to their homes in Panjshir province. The trend of these returnees continues.
Hafiz Mohammad Agha, the governor of Panjshir, revealed that over the past few months, more than five hundred families of former military and civilian employees of the previous government have returned to Afghanistan. These families are now settled in their hometowns in Panjshir.
Following the announcement of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, an amnesty was fully implemented. As a result, all citizens are living freely under a completely Islamic system, as stated by the Governor of Panjshir. He also emphasized the ongoing efforts to provide job opportunities for the returning youth of Panjshir.
The returnees are seeking support from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to create favorable job opportunities. They also encourage those living abroad to return to their country without any concerns, choose a comfortable life, and not be influenced by negative propaganda.
Nasratullah Hakimi, a returnee from Khinj village, Hesa-e-Awal district of Panjshir, expressed satisfaction with his job at one of the mines in Panjshir after returning from Iran. Saadatullah, another returnee, shared his harsh experiences as an Afghan immigrant in Iran and expressed contentment upon returning to his homeland.
Azizullah Jalili, a resident of Panjshir and a former member of the previous government’s military, recently returned from Iran. He stated that they were previously misled by the propaganda of enemies and opportunistic individuals. However, upon returning to Afghanistan, he found that the country is secure, and there is no intention to harm anyone. He plans to travel to various provinces as well.

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