European Union Pledges New Financial Aid for Afghanistan


KABUL: The European Union has pledged a new financial aid package for Afghanistan, amounting to 20 million euros.

This aid will be channeled through the World Food Programme (WFP) and is expected to bolster the food security of 300,000 Afghan citizens across 26 provinces.

The WFP, in a press release, welcomed the European Union’s contribution, stating that this budget will enhance the food security of vulnerable families and Afghans residing in specific areas.

The funds will be utilized for small-scale development projects, such as the construction of protective walls against floods and irrigation channels, to safeguard the lives of people from natural disasters and emergencies.

The WFP also declared that, with the assistance of the European Union, it will support approximately 14,000 farmers in purchasing agricultural tools and equipment. Additionally, it will provide training to help vulnerable families meet their nutritional needs.

This initiative underscores the European Union’s commitment to aiding Afghanistan’s development and prosperity.


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