Economic Commission’s Technical Committee Discusses Key Issues

KABUL (BNA): The Technical Committee of the Economic Commission held its regular meeting and addressed several economic topics. One of the main highlights was the presentation of a sufficiency plan for vegetable and edible oils, which was approved in principle.

Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock were tasked with sharing the plan with the Ministries of Water and Energy, as well as Industry and Trade, in order to gather their opinions.

The recommendation will be forwarded to the Technical Committee of the Economic Commission for final approval.
Furthermore, discussions were held regarding the issuance of national optical fiber licenses to new applicants.

Following a detailed conversation, it was decided that new licenses should be awarded through international bidding, and contracts with qualified companies will require approval from the Economic Commission.

This decision has been referred to the Economic Commission for the final endorsement.

The Technical Committee of the Economic Commission also focused on plans for new sources of income for the National Environmental Protection Agency.

Representatives of the agency were entrusted with coordinating the plan with relevant ministries and authorities, seeking their input before presenting it to the Technical Committee for further consideration.


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