Dozens of Medical Supplies Distributed to Panjshir’s Public Health


KABUL(BNA): The Panjshir Public Health Directorate has announced the receipt of dozens of medical supplies.

Dr. Hojatullah Mohammadi, Head of Panjshir Public Health, reported to Bakhtar News Agency that The MOVE Welfare Organization has supplied these medicines and medical equipment to Panjshir’s health centers for the second quarter of 2024.

The head of Panjshir’s public health department stated that these medications, totaling 140 items including medical supplies, have recently been provided by the MOVE Organization.

He added that the received medications and medical supplies are officially distributed to Panjshir health centers after a series of formal procedures.

He noted that the distribution of these medicines and medical supplies will facilitate better provision of healthcare services to the residents across Panjshir.

Worth mentioning that the MOVE Welfare Organization has been engaged in a longstanding healthcare partnership with the Panjshir Public Health Directorate.


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