‘Donate Blood Instead of Shedding, Lash-Whipping, Danesh

Tuesday, October 04, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice President has issued message to followers of Imam Hussain to grant blood to needy people.
In the message issued on the occasion of the month of Muharram and mourning days of Ashura, Danesh extended condolence and sympathy on the month of Muharram and Ashura and martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain and his colleagues to the Muslim and pious people of Afghanistan in particular the followers of the Imam and hoped that they could learn necessary lessons from the school of Ashura.
“As we are now on the threshold of one of the biggest and historic incidents of Islam and our people are also in a critical situation, it is necessary to make use of Ashura’s lessons and high goals”, Danesh said in the message. In his message, second vice president asked the followers of Imam Hussain to avoid lash-whipping, chain-whipping, blocking roads and creating interruption to local people from loudspeakers in mosques and hussainias during Ashura nights, which would cause discouraging of the people from mourning ceremonies, suggesting that instead of unnecessary lash-whipping and shedding blood in roads and streets, the followers of Imam Hussain should refer to health centers and hospitals and grant blood to those needy countrymen in particular brave sons of the country and security forces injured in fighting with enemies of the country.
In the message, the second vice president further said that security was the first and most important need of the society because the coward enemy made use of any opportunities for shedding blood of our innocent people; therefore, it was necessary that the honorable people and mourners in particular holders of mourning ceremonies and respectful ulema should be alert and completely aware of threats.
He added that complete cooperation and coordination with security forces was necessary during all stages and mourning days and the leadership of the government in particular all security organs have taken particular steps for maintaining security of the mourning ceremonies during the current year; therefore all dear people and mourners were asked to spare no effort with security forces during the mourning days and Ashura.

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