Deputy PM Kabir Highlights Favorable Environment for Charitable Activities and Investment in Afghanistan


KABUL (BNA) In a recent meeting between Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, and representatives of Turkish charitable organizations, the positive developments in Afghanistan’s security situation were discussed.

The meeting aimed to explore avenues for enhanced cooperation in charitable endeavors and investment within the country.

During the meeting, officials from Turkish charitable organizations provided detailed information about their ongoing activities in Afghanistan. They expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation received from the Islamic Emirate and emphasized their commitment to assisting needy Afghans in various sectors, including reconstruction, orphan support, food distribution, healthcare, and other vital areas.

The Turkish representatives also highlighted their non-political stance and reiterated their dedication to continuing their efforts in coordination with government agencies.

In response, Deputy PM Kabir acknowledged the improved security environment in Afghanistan, which has created a favorable atmosphere for charitable activities and investment.

He expressed gratitude for the cooperation extended by the Islamic Emirate and assured the Turkish representatives of continued support from their side. Deputy Kabir further emphasized the pressing need for assistance in Afghanistan, given the instability experienced during the past few decades.

Deputy PM Kabir also underscored the enduring friendship between Turkey and Afghanistan, praising the positive trajectory of relations between the two nations. He emphasized the significance of Turkey’s ongoing assistance in light of Afghanistan’s historical challenges and stressed the importance of sustained support going forward.

The discussions between Deputy PM Kabir and the representatives of Turkish charitable organizations demonstrate a growing partnership aimed at addressing the pressing needs of the Afghan people.


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