Delivery of Aid to Afghanistan, Palestine is Being Prevented: Ireland Rep in EU Parliament

KABUL (BNA): The Irish representative in the European Parliament questioned the European Union’s rules on foreign assistance delivery, claiming that the findings indicate hindrance to providing relief to the people of Palestine and Afghanistan.

Even the World Food Program’s $400 million budget has barely reached Afghanistan, the envoy said.

The representative emphasized the need for increased humanitarian aid from the EU and expressed concern about the dire conditions in Afghanistan, where recent earthquakes claimed around three thousand lives, with little media coverage.

Additionally, he highlighted the plight of over a million Afghan migrants facing expulsion from Pakistan and the insufficient international response to the crisis, especially due to sanctions and global challenges.

A report from Islamic Relief organization revealed that only about 15% of aid programs for Afghan refugees in neighboring countries, including Iran and Pakistan, were covered by the United Nations in the recent refugee crisis.


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