Khalid Bin Walid Army Corps Praised for Ensuring Security

KABUL (BNA) In a momentous visit to the Khalid Bin Walid 201 Army Corps, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mawlawi Amir Khan “Muttaqi,” lauded the defense forces for their exceptional efforts in establishing security, stability, and protecting the lives of their fellow citizens.

The visit, which took place in the eastern zone of the country, showcased the unwavering commitment of the officials and Mujahideen in ensuring the well-being of the nation.

Accompanied by Mawlawi Abdul Saboor Abu djaneh, the army corps commander, and other high-ranking officials, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed deep gratitude for the dedication displayed by the personnel of the Khaled Bin Walid 201 Army Corps.

He commended their remarkable achievements, not only in securing the eastern frontlines but also in winning the hearts of the people through their steadfast commitment to protecting their fellow compatriots.

During the visit, the delegation witnessed firsthand the exemplary work carried out by the Khaled Bin Walid 201 Army Corps. This included their tireless efforts in maintaining security, preserving stability, and defending the nation against threats.

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized the profound impact of these endeavors, which had instilled a sense of trust and confidence among the populace.


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