Ministry of National Defense Rescues Citizens in Devastating Floods, 50 Lives Lost

KABUL (BNA) In a remarkable display of bravery and dedication, personnel from the Ministry of National Defense embarked on a heroic and life-saving mission to rescue citizens affected by the devastating floods in the Jarkhushk area of Baghlan province.

The Ministry’s unwavering commitment to the safety and welfare of the people was evident as they took swift action to address the dire situation.

On Thursday, May 9th, the Ministry assigned personnel and units from the 217 Omari Army Corps with the vital task of rescuing both citizens and vehicles that were trapped in the flooded areas. With unwavering determination and utilizing every available resource, these courageous individuals are tirelessly working in the affected regions to ensure swift and effective relief efforts.

Tragically, on Friday, May 10th, the province of Baghlan was once again struck by severe floods that swept through the districts of Pol-e Khomri, Burka, and central Baghlan.

These catastrophic floods resulted in a heartbreaking loss of 50 precious lives. The devastating impact of the natural disaster has left communities in shock and mourning.


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