An Exhibition of Women’s Handicrafts Opened in Herat

HERAT (BNA) An exhibition of Afghan women’s handicrafts production was held in the recreational park of Herat city on Friday under the name “Juma Bazaar” in that province.

The head of the chamber of commerce and industries for women in Herat Narges Hashemi, said to Bakhtar News Agency “that the purpose of holding such exhibition in the west of the country was to pave the ground opportunities for marketing and growth of women’s handicraft products, adding that only Afghan women’s products displayed, and the exhibition will be held every Friday,”.

she added, Since the resume of Chamber of Commerce and Industries department in Herat, they have been working without barrier to their business activities.

Meanwhile, a number of businesswomen in Herat expressed satisfaction with the holding of such an exhibition, saying that their production businesses are growing and more women are returning to their handicrafts business back.

In this exhibition, different kind of women’s handicrafts is displayed such as sewing, wood carving, photography, jewelry, and other crafts product.


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