All Balkhab’s Reports Lies: Officials

KABUL (BNA) Local officials on Tuesday said reports published about Balkhab conflicts are rumors.

Some Media including “Heshat-e-Suhb” daily newspaper based on aboard published some rumors claiming Islamic Emirate forces ‘demanded women in Balkhab saying they have asked residents that from every 10 women 1 should be belonging to them’

The Balkhab officials quoting Ava Afghan local media, rejecting the reports say the daily Hasht-e-Suhb repeatedly fueled rumors about the Balkhab conflict that ended for quite some time, and the people who fled their houses because of the conflict normally returned to their houses now.

A resident of Balkhab Sar-e-Pul district said to Ava Afghan local media, that during the conflict several people’s houses were damaged, But none of the forces of the Islamic Emirate until now, harmed any resident or their properties.

He said the people of Balkhab are tired of spreading inaccurate news from divisive media and the government should stop the activities of these media and they should not spread rumors about the people of Balkhab, quoting Ava Media.

The residents of Balkhab district underlined that people have returned to their normal lives and there is no problem in this district.

“According to the statements of local people, it appears that 8 Subh daily did not document this report and rushed to publish it without deeming the health of the issue.”

“In the first days of the Balkhab tragedy, the local people had verbally reported three cases of rape, which despite a lot of follow-ups, none of them were proven and we do not have any evidence of rape”. quoting the daily.

Din Mohammad Nazari a spokesperson for Sar-e-Pul police rejected 8 Subh daily reports said: This report is not true and now everyone is living peacefully in their houses, quoting Ava.

After the conflict between Mawlavi Mahdi’s forces and Islamic Emirate in Balkhab, the daily 8 Subh and other Western-affiliated media attempted to make the situation in this district look worse and repeatedly published inaccurate news about the conflict that ended for quite some time.

Massacre of the people of Balkhab, and looting of people’s property, and several reports like these were published by these Western-affiliated media, which were always denied by the people of Balkhab and the authorities and were called rumors.


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