Afghan New Govt Seeks to Develop International Ties through Better Diplomacy

KABUL (BNA): The new government in Afghanistan seeks to develop and expand its international ties based on a concept of mutual respect and through better diplomacy.

BNA analyst: Afghanistan has been through hard days in its relations with the world over the past ten months. the system is constantly isolated.

The US and its allies want to keep the new regime in international isolation for an unreasonable cause. they have open demands and covert policies against Afghanistan and are trying to impose them on Afghanistan in countless policy games.

10 months have passed since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate and no country has come forward to recognize the system in Afghanistan. The policies are that the US reflected a fear, a country trying to govern the world arbitrarily. While international order is governed by the rule of law, respect for each other’s rights and international principles, not in the way that the United States has chosen.

Tactlessly, the new system in Afghanistan is confronted with the same American thinking, that is, the United States does not recognize the new system until it meets its specific demands.

The Islamic Emirate has been trying to meet this matter since the time of its re-emergence and has tried to draw international attention to the realities in Afghanistan through better diplomacy and has been successful for almost 11 months.

The principle by which the Islamic Emirate has succeeded in international dealings is its neutrality in international affairs and at the same time efforts have been made to maintain and strengthen the view of expediency in such matters.

The Islamic Emirate has made efforts in its foreign policy to respect the legitimate interests of other countries in Afghanistan and the region while emphasizing the need to further respect the legitimate interests of Afghanistan and mutual respect with the Islamic Emirate. This manner in international relations has led to the Islamic Emirate having strong ties with the world despite the threats posed by others. there are also countries under the administration of the Islamic Emirate. It has maintained diplomatic relations in Afghanistan and is active in Afghanistan.

The countries that are interested in reviving relations and want to reactivate their embassies in Afghanistan are moving slowly and programmatically.

In this regard, we can point to the optimism of the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, Amir Khan Muttaqi In his new remarks, he said: Reopen its embassies in Afghanistan. ”

“Interactions with the world are officially underway and countries that have not yet declared recognition are a separate issue,” Muttaqi said.

These remarks show that Afghanistan has been able to maintain good relations with foreign countries through better diplomacy, of which the reopening of the Indian Embassy in Kabul is a well-known fact.

The country had considerable reflections on its relations with the Islamic Emirate. this could be a good start in Afghanistan’s relations with the rest of the world, and it is not far-fetched that many countries would prefer to revive their diplomatic presence in Kabul instead of monitoring Afghanistan from a third country.


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