3 Iron Trafficker Arrested in Helmand

KABUL (BNA) Local officials of the Islamic Emirate in Helmand said on Monday that three people have been arrested in the Garmsir and Desi districts of the province on charges of smuggling iron and copper outside the country.

Deshu district governor Mullah Abdul Salam Safa told BNA, that two persons were arrested in this district for trafficking iron and copper to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, local officials in Helmand Garmsir district say they have arrested another man accused of smuggling copper and iron to outside the country.

The men loaded iron and copper into three vehicles and planned to smuggle to outside the country, said security sources.

Local officials in Deshu and Garmsir districts say they prevent the smuggling of Iron which is said to be Afghan wealth to neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, previously many people have already been arrested in the province on charges of smuggling iron or copper in Helmand.


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