3 Drinkable Water Supply Networks opened in Bamyan

BAMYAN (BNA) UNICEF rebuilt water supply networks in the villages of Dukani, Saeed Abad and Qafeleh Bashi in central Bamyan and on Tuesday put them into exploitation, said local officials.

The provincial’s director of the Rural and Rehabilitation dept of Bamyan Mullah Zainullah Khadim said to BNA that the reconstruction of the Dokani village drinkable water supply network cost 2.1 million Afs and around 900 families will be benefited.

According to the source, the water supply network of Saeed Abad village in the center of Bamyan has been rebuilt at a cost of more than 7.2 million Afs, which 2,400 families, 12 mosques and a girls’ high school will be benefited from the water supply network.

The water supply network of Qafeleh Bashi village in the center of Bamyan was rebuilt at a cost of 1.4 million Afs. and 90 families, a school, and two mosques will benefit from the water of this network.

Residents of these villages say that with the exploitation of these water-supply networks, there has been a significant change in water control, which will prevent water waste by installing meters.


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