We Are Trying to Reduce the Rate of Internet Services and Calls and Improve its Quality: Acting Minister of Communications

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Kabul (BNA) Alhaj Mawlavi Najibullah Haqqani, Acting of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said in an exclusive interview with BNA that the ministry is working to reduce the rate of Internet services and telephone calls and improve its quality.
The Acting of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology gave information about the Atra office in this conversation, noting that this office was not previously within the Ministry of Communications, but is now an independent department within the ministry, including “Salam”, five private telecommunications networks operate under the auspices of the agency.
He added that reforms have now been made in the ministry and that efforts are underway to lower the rate of Internet services and telephone calls and improves their quality, and that this will take time.
He stressed that the obstacles to law enforcement have now been removed and that the rules apply to all networks in the same way.
He assured that 10% of the money for telecommunication services goes to the budget of the Islamic Emirate and interference in this direction will be prevented.
Mawlavi Najibullah Haqqani also said that the leaders of the previous regime, instead of providing better services to the nation and pursuing important goals, had created more competition in the administrations.
According to him, the minister had only a symbolic role and many competencies had been taken away from him, and the Ministry of Communications had become a joint-stock company, which is obvious to both the nation and the world.
Haqqani said that with the advent of the Islamic Emirate, there was nothing left in the ministry, as the “Salam” network, which is owned by the Afghan Telecommunication Company and headed by the Afghan Ministry of Finance, as well as an important technology section, was given to the Central Statistics Office. According to him, the reason for this was that the Ministry of Communications was not the share of Ashraf Ghani, but the share of others.
However, he assured that as a result of the efforts of the officials of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, the lost departments of this ministry have been reconnected to the ministry and can now serve independently and be accountable to the nation.
Haqqani, meanwhile, said that in terms of providing telecommunication services in the country, so far only cities have been considered, but the Islamic Emirate intends to reactivate all sites in all provinces of the country, especially in war-torn areas.
He also spoke about the issue of unregistered SIM cards and said that a plan has been prepared to solve this problem and expressed hope that this plan will be implemented.
The Acting of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology also told BNA that Facebook is an independent organization and has its own policy. The network uses anti-Islamic policies against the name of the Islamic Emirate, and Islamic terms are sensitive.
He added: “We have two options: either to stop Facebook, or to endure the same situation. Correction of what is not in our hands and if we close it; in this case, the nation will be offended. Therefore, we are waiting for the sake of the nation and trying to find a solution.
Mawlavi Najibullah Haqqani also announced the beginning of the Ministry of Communications’ efforts to retain the current staff and attract new employees, saying: “Unfortunately, in the last 20 years, more work has been done on external capacities than internal capacities, but our focus is more on internal capacities.”
He assured that they work for the welfare and comfort of the people and asked them to be patient and share their problems with this ministry.

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