Uruzgan Flood Victims Received Cash assistance

URUZGAN (BNA) Monsoon rains caused flash floods that killed 24 people, and damaged dozens of residential houses from the capital to the outskirts of the province, for a few past days.

The flash floods hit Tarinkot the capital, Chora, Gizab, Chinartu, and Khas districts of the province, which killed many and destroyed dozens of houses, according to local officials.

Cash aid was distributed to the affected families of the province, said a source in charge of media of the province to Bakhtar News Agency, that each family who lost a loved one received 15,000 afghans in cash.

In addition, the Afghan red crescent society assisted tents and other basic materials to the victims of floods in the province, he added.

He said, that so far, many other humanitarian aid organizations visited the sites to reach people in need of assistance.

Over the past few days, monsoon rains caused huge human and financial losses across the country.


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