Urgent Action Needed to Rebuild Shelters for Victims of Nuristan Province Landslide


KABUL (BNA): In a meeting between Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, and Nuristan province’s Deputy Governor Mawlavi Mohammad Faisal Mukhtar, it was emphasized that all administrations and aid organizations must collaborate to reconstruct shelters for the individuals affected by the recent landslide in the region.
During the meeting, Mawlavi Mohammad Faisal Mukhtar briefed Deputy Prime Minister Mawlavi Abdul Kabir on the devastating incident in the Nurgaram district of Nuristan province. The landslide in the Neqra Valley of Nurgaram district resulted in the loss of 21 lives, injuries to 4 individuals, and the complete destruction of 24 residential houses.
Mawlavi Faisal Mukhtar informed that a special committee, comprising local authorities of Nuristan and the OCHA organization, has been set up to address the challenges posed by natural disasters and provide assistance to the affected population. Currently, 250 homes remain at risk of potential landslides, with residents having been temporarily relocated to a safe area in Nurgram, where ongoing support continues.
Highlighting the critical need for stable and secure housing for the affected families, the Deputy Governor emphasized the importance of urgent action in this regard.
Deputy Prime Minister Mawlavi Abdul Kabir expressed deep sorrow for the losses and destruction caused by the tragic events in Nuristan. He offered prayers for the departed souls and urged patience for their grieving families. Mawlavi Abdul Kabir expressed gratitude to the collaborating agencies and affirmed that all relevant government departments, institutions, and aid organizations are actively engaged in the efforts to rebuild shelters for the affected individuals.

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