Turkish Entrepreneurs are Interested in Investing in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA): Some Turkish traders and investors are interested in investing in Afghanistan in a variety of sectors, including energy, transportation, mining, logistics, and construction.

According to a statement released by the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, Omar Faruq Oghlu, the head of the Arifan Organization, along with scholars and Turkish businessmen, met with Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs, to discuss investment opportunities in Afghanistan.

Oghlu mentioned that the economic development and investment activities in Afghanistan have increased since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, attracting numerous traders and investors from around the world.

He stated that the Arifan Organization and Turkish investors are willing to work and invest in various sectors in Afghanistan, including energy, transportation, mining, logistics, and construction, and he requested the Islamic Emirate’s support in providing them with the required facilities.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate welcomed all domestic and foreign businessmen and investors to contribute to various industries in Afghanistan with their investments, pledging support for the creation of all necessary facilities.

He underscored the Islamic Emirate’s ongoing efforts to capitalize on economic possibilities, improve infrastructure, and encourage both domestic and foreign investors to participate in achieving these goals.


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