RTA Panjshir Starts Broadcasting, Ready to Deliver Quality Local Programming


KABUL(BNA): The local broadcasts of Panjshir Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) were officially inaugurated, during a ceremony attended by Haji Hafiz Mohammad Agha Hakim, the governor of Panjshir, and Shukrullah Mashal, the director of Radio and Television, staff members and journalists.

Speaking at the ceremony, governor Haji Hafiz Mohammad Agha Hakim emphasized that radio and television networks serve as the eyes and ears of society and media institutions are an integral part of the human community.

He continued saying that, Panjshir Radio TV of Afghanistan must adhere to the IEA’s policies and Sharia principles. He urged the staff to maintain journalistic standards, avoid inappropriate content, and prioritize educational and religious programs.

Governor Agha Hakim urged the officials and staff of Panjshir Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) and other journalists to diligently reflect the truth and prevent any rumors against the Islamic regime. He called on them to fulfill their Islamic and national responsibilities towards the regime and the people.

On the other hand, Shukrullah Mashal, the director of RTA Panjshir stated that the studios of this network, equipped with available facilities, are ready to start active broadcasts. He also mentioned that the technical equipment, especially lighting and sound systems, are prepared for broadcasting local programs.

Meanwhile, the network’s staff vowed to produce enriching programs, dedicated to reinforcing the principles of the Islamic System through their impactful broadcasts.


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