Over 9 Tons of Expired Goods Disposed in Logar Province to Ensure Consumer Safety


KABUL(BNA): The Logar Industry and Commerce Directorate took decisive action by disposing of over 9 tons of expired and substandard food and non-food items collected from Pul-e Alam city markets over the past two months.

Mawlawi Shabir Ahmad Sadiqi, head of Industry and Commerce in Logar, announced that over 9 tons of expired and substandard items were incinerated today, May 22nd.

These items were collected from the markets over the past two months through a joint effort by the department and the Consumer Protection Commission, ensuring the safety and well-being of consumers.

Additionally, Mawlawi Sadiqi urged traders, industrialists, and shopkeepers to strictly refrain from buying and selling expired goods, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high standards for consumer safety.

This action follows a recent initiative where the Directorate of Medicine and Food in Logar province incinerated five tons of expired and substandard items collected from the markets of Kharwar district.


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