Minister Delawar Meets Turkish Ambassador

KABUL (BNA) Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar, Acting Mines and Petroleum Minister met with Turkish Ambassador Cihad Erginay in Kabul, Thursday.

According to the Ministry statement, the two sides discussed issues of mutual interest and friendly ties between Turkey and Afghanistan.

“We are deeply tied to Afghanistan and its people, and the relations between these two countries are friendly and intimate, said ambassador Erginay, quoting the statement.

He said Turkey’s cooperation will continue with the people of Afghanistan in many sectors of society.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Mines and Petroleum said: that the Ministry welcomes all national and international investors who want to invest in the mining sector in Afghanistan, and will provide every opportunity for them.

The statement said, during the meeting both sides discussed and exchanged views about the return of the politicians of the former government through the commission of communication with Afghan personalities.


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