Islamic Emirate Criticized the US Position on Gaza


KBAUL (BNA) The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs deems the position of the United States regretable and condemnable vetoing the UNSC resolution and international consensus calling for a cease-fire in Gaza, thus openly making the United States complicit in the ongoing atrocities in Gaza.

The Ministry in a statement said ‘It again demonstrates that the US instrumentalizes international bodies against human rights for its political ends. Rather than condemning the perpetrators of war crimes in Palestine on Int”.

Human Rights Day and adding them to the Treasury Department’s sanctions list, they have sanctioned additional IEA officials, showcasing that the US utilizes human rights as a political tool.

We commend the position of UN member states that have adopted a principled consensus against the ongoing war crimes of the zionists, called for a permanent ceasefire, and supported a permanent solution to the Palestinian issue.

As humanity is held hostage to the political whims of one actor, it highlights the unjust nature of the current international order, erodes any remaining credibility of purported rights bodies, and the necessity of an equitable order.


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