Indonesian Ambassador Pledges Support for Afghanistan’s Health Sector

KABUL (BNA): A productive meeting took place between Dr. Qalandar Ebad, the Acting Minister of Public Health, and Mr. Budi Rachmat Suryasaputra, the Indonesian Ambassador, at the minister’s office.
The discussion revolved around mutual cooperation in the health sector, capacity enhancement for Afghan health workers, and other health-related topics. The Acting Minister of Public Health expressed gratitude for Indonesia’s contributions to Afghanistan’s health sector, which include a donation of 10 million doses of polio vaccine and the training of Afghan health workers.
Dr. Ebad also requested additional support from Indonesia in areas such as health worker training, improving access to medications and medical equipment, and other health-related concerns.
The Indonesian Ambassador reaffirmed his country’s commitment to ongoing cooperation with Afghanistan. He assured that there would be increased collaboration between Indonesia and Afghanistan’s health sector.

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