Islamic Emirate Delegation Arrived in Ghor to Provides Aid to Flood-Affected People


GHOR (BNA): In a commendable display of compassion and solidarity, the first team of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s delegation arrived today in Feruzkoh city to offer support and assistance to the flood-affected residents of Ghor province.

The delegation, equipped with essential items such as emergency shelters, spices, and food supplies, held a meeting with the local administration’s leadership to discuss strategies for conducting initial assessments of the flood damages.

Led by Mullah Ahmad Shah Din-Dust, the esteemed Governor of Ghor, the delegation engaged in a comprehensive discussion about the overall situation faced by the flood victims in the province.

The officials expressed their deep concern for the affected people and pledged to visit the impacted areas personally in order to gain firsthand knowledge of the situation and provide immediate assistance.

The primary objective of the delegation is to closely interact with the affected individuals, assess their needs and challenges, and extend the necessary aid.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s delegation has demonstrated their commitment to supporting the flood-stricken communities in Ghor province.


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