IHH Foundation Expands Humanitarian Activities in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA): In a recent meeting between officials from the charity organization IHH in Turkey and Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs, it was announced that IHH is determined to expand its humanitarian activities in Afghanistan.

The meeting served as a platform for the officials to provide detailed information about their ongoing operations, functions, and future plans.

During the meeting, IHH representatives expressed their commitment to continuing their assistance to the people of Afghanistan across various sectors. The IHH Foundation’s primary goal is to alleviate suffering and provide necessary aid to vulnerable populations.

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi expressed gratitude for the humanitarian assistance rendered by IHH.

Mawlavi Hanafi assured the officials that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan full supports IHH’s efforts and would facilitate the necessary facilities to ensure the continuation of their vital work.

The commitment of IHH to expand its activities in Afghanistan is expected to bring much-needed relief to the Afghan population, especially in light of the ongoing challenges faced by the country.


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