Foreign Affairs Minister Meets Russian, Italian Ambassadors To Kabul

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Salahuddin Rabbani, minister of foreign affairs in a meeting yesterday with Luciano Pezzotti, Italian ambassador to Kabul considered active role of Italy as unprecedented in security and development fields in the past 13 years, saying that continuation of such cooperation was significant for reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Following, the Italian ambassador to Kabul while congratulating Salahuddin Rabbani on assuming office added due to elections in Italy and Afghanistan, a number of programs and projects funded by Italy had been postponed, promising that numerous development projects would be launched and implemented by Italy in Afghanistan in near future.
He asserted that Italy as a friend country would remain beside the people and government of Afghanistan and continue its cooperation with Afghanistan in sectors prioritized by the government.
According to another report, minister of foreign affairs in a separate meeting with Russian ambassador to Kabul, Aleksandar Matevski praised Russia for its cooperation  with Afghanistan and considered relations between the two countries as friendly, stressing on expansion of further cooperation and relations between the two countries.
In the meeting, minister of foreign affairs said, “We will welcome Russia if the country is ready to take part in reconstruction process and complete those projects previously executed or not completed by Russia in Afghanistan.” Following, the Russian ambassador to Kabul briefed related to his country’s cooperation and implementation of the country’s projects in various sections in Afghanistan as reconstruction of Naghlo dam, providing 202 higher education scholarships to Afghan students and short-term higher education scholarships to Afghan police. He asserted that his country had executed a number of projects in Afghanistan and would cooperate with the country for completion of the remained projects.

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