Ensuring Peace, Stability Afghans Desire

Friday January 20, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Officials of the government of Afghanistan support any move leading to ensuring peace in the country, stressing that the negotiation process should be Afghan-led and Afghan-owned.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in his recent remarks said, ‘restoring lasting peace in the country is our fundamental and national obligation.’ The president pointed out that peace will not be ensured unless Ulama, jihadi figures and tribal elders cooperate, adding we should restore lasting peace throughout the country. Any Afghan who has political difference should solve it through negotiation, the president said, adding the problems can be solved through negotiation not war.
At the same time, a number of political experts and lawmakers told that any move on restoring peace will go in vein unless the warring sides willing to talk. They added if the government of Afghanistan and other political parties host peace negotiations, there is no doubt it will follow positive outcomes, because, the Afghans know that they can overcome all challenges with unity.
Zubair Shafiqi, a political expert said, ‘there is no doubt that Afghans are in dire need of peace and they warmly welcome any move resulting in ensuring peace in the country.’ Therefore, to get rid of current crises, the people should join hands so an enduring peace is prevailed in the country, he added. Akram Andishmand, another political expert believes that this is a clear fact that the neighboring countries play imperative role in ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan. The experts believe that the neighboring countries, particularly, Pakistan honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in peace process, there is no doubt that a lasting peace will be ensured.
But unfortunately, what has concerned the Afghan people is lack of an honest commitment against our country, they added. In fact, Pakistan has never honestly cooperated with Afghanistan in ensuring peace and stability and has always supported the terrorist groups. Lower house of the parliament said, ‘as long as the neighboring and regional countries, particularly Pakistan doesn’t honestly cooperate with Afghanistan, peace will never be restored in Afghanistan.’  Ahmad Fawad, a Kabul resident said that Afghanistan was among the countries, where has been making sacrifices in war on terror for more than three decades, but still this war is being continued. Thus, the neighboring countries should stay alongside our country, because, ensuring peace in Afghanistan can considerably affect region and the world.  This is while that much has been done to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan, but still the people hope peace negotiations with armed oppositions to be an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned process so to follow positive results.

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