Saturday October 8, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The international session of Brussels on Afghanistan and insist of its participants on permanent assistance to Afghanistan indicates the success of the leaders of the Unity Government in diplomatic field.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, Brussels the capital of Belgium was the host on an international session on October 13 and 14 on continuation of international aids to Afghanistan.
In the session the leaders of the Unity Government, high-ranking officials from 70 countries and the representatives from 30 internationals organizations attended. The participants of the conference assessed the continuation of aids to Afghanistan until 2020.  The Brussels conference held in time, while a number of countries and international organizations have linked the continuation of their assistances to Afghanistan in purposeful straggle of that country against corruption, restoring security and stability, good governance, and improving human rights situation in the country. In the meantime, holding the conference was coincident with some developments in military and political scene of the country.
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar led Islamic Party that fought for years beside armed oppositions joined peace process. but contrary to this peaceful move, Taliban in order to introduce themselves  an effective power on the eve of holding  Brussels conference launched a series of terrorist attacks. In the same time presenting specific conditions by certain countries, on the address of Afghan government and acceleration of fighting in the country decreased the trust and believe of people in to Brussels conference. Fortunately, the active diplomacy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan succeeded to change the view of the participants of the conference and led them to have a clear and fair vision to Afghanistan and its future. Finally, Brussels Conference ended with specific commitments of the participants. They committed to increase their aids to Afghanistan from 2015 up to 2024. During the decade Afghanistan will reach self-sufficiency and would be able improving its political, social, and economical situation reach a persistence peace and stability.
The participants of the conference acknowledged that the leaders of Afghanistan have successfully managed their country to be accountable and stable.  It is an open fact that for settling the current problems and safeguarding the achievements, much work needed to be carried out. To accomplish this great goal, the international community helps Afghanistan in the following three fields: establishing a peace framework, improving national income, and providing the ground for self-sufficiency and in the same time insist on amending of elections system.
Afghan politicians believe, Afghan government via carrying out an active policy, has succeeded to draw the attention of international community to Afghanistan and commitments made by the participants of Brussels conference for continuation of aids is a clear evidence of the success of Afghan policy. The Afghan authorities at Brussels conference clearly showed that they are working for bringing peace, security in to their country with complete unity and they seriously believe that it is national unity that leads in to national interests. The authorities of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan know better how to use the aids of international community in to the benefit of people and strengthening the state. What the participants of Brussels promised for Afghan people, would be a good herald for building a better and prosperous future. 

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