ANSF Improvement, Equipping Can Cause Elimination Of Terrorists

Monday January 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Afghans need peace and stability more than ever because they no longer tolerate continuation this devastating imposed war but peace and stability is directly connected to strengthening and improving of Afghan security forces. The ANSF who have undertaken full security responsibility of Afghanistan since two years, have proven that can provide full security of Afghanistan on the condition of supply of weapons and ammunition as well as strong air forces. During his meeting with the US commander Gen Joshef Votael, CE Dr. Abdullah once again requested that the US should strongly support the ANSF in current and subsequent years. Although the ANSF lack strong air forces and cannot use it suitably, but CE emphasizes that the AAF have access to big achievements and Gen Joshef Votal also promised to enable AAF in 2017 to make positive progresses. Dr Abdullah assured the US Gen that the Afghan leaders would start vast reforms with the help of American partners. Gen Joshef Votel also emphasized on the cooperation of American forces with ANSF and said that the Afghan government should speed up its efforts in war on terror and peace process and make the oppositions to attend peace talks with the Afghan government.
At the same time the Afghan government emphasizes that Pakistan should be pressurized in war on terror to put an end to support of terrorists.
But touching war on terror, Gen Votal said that all the regional countries must give up support of armed Taliban and other terrorists.
The ANSF have four main problems at present: First in the field of reconnaissance and intelligences as the ANSF have failed to detect or prevent incidents prior to attacks. They should not let regional secret service to continue their nasty and terrorist activities. The second one is air forces that in Nangarhar, Helmand and other parts there are serious need of air forces for elimination of terrorists. So AAF should be focused more. The third issue is heavy weapons, the ANSF lack essential heavy weapons. During the past years, when the Afghan government was at close quarters with the Pakistan rocket attacks and aggression, ANSF lacked long range missiles to launch counter attacks and react properly.
The fourth issue is upgrading of ANSF capabilities: The ANSF have been at close quarters with shortage of professionals for use of modern warfare and fighting air planes. In the last 15 years the world community failed to supply these elements to be accountable for current situation.
Simultaneous with the deployment of international forces in 2001 in Afghanistan, the US had pledge to restore peace and stability, good governance and eradicate poppy cultivation in this country. But after 15 years, the Afghans didn’t achieve everlasting peace and stability and poppy cultivation was also not eradicated. The Afghan believe that until the ANSF are not stand on their own feet and don’t defend every span of Afghanistan, the global troop have no familiarity with our terrain and the rural population don’t like their presence in their villages,, Afghanistan would not achieve reliable peace and stability. The Afghan CE emphasizes that the ANSF should be strengthening to that extent that would be capable to organize operation throughout the country and don’t let the people’s enemies to hide in mountain caves. Prior to Gen Joshef Votal support of ANSF in war on terror, the US defense secretary Games Mattias had said that free activities and sanctions of terrorists in Pakistan soil is that problem that has made at close quarter the war on terror with big challenges.
Hamidullah Faizi

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