Afghanistan and Turkmenistan Establishing a Joint Trade Chamber

KANDAHAR (BNA): Turkmenistan is seeking to expand trade relations with Afghanistan.

In order to expedite the trade process, Turkmenistan has advocated for the establishment of a joint chamber of commerce between the two countries.

Fazl Mohammad Saber, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Turkmenistan, expressed during a meeting with some traders in Kandahar, the Afghan embassy in Ashqabad aims to facilitate trade between the two countries and enhance commercial exchanges.

According to BNA, Saber further stated, the creation of more facilities through railways and caravans is among the efforts to expand trade between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

The Afghan ambassador in Turkmenistan also mentioned ongoing efforts for the realization of the TAPI gas pipeline project, which involves transporting Turkmenistan’s gas through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India.

Currently, the volume of trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan is high. However, both countries, on a broader scale, aspire to extend their trade relations.


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