MoIC Signs Two Contracts With AWN, FEFA

Sunday, October 09, 2016
Kabul (BNA) In the series of its effort to sign contracts with the national and international entities for the youths, the ministry of information and culture has recently signed two contracts with Afghanistan Women Network and FEFA, the BNA reported Saturday.
The state-run agency quoted Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy for the Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture and Acting Minister, said the signed contracts with the two institutions (Afghanistan Women Network and the FEFA would launch various programs for capacity building and empowerment of the youths all over the country’s 34 provinces.
“The main aims of the signed contracts were to help the youths get access to peace and justice in the country, provide speed and accuracy for specific activities of the youth to be included in peace, identifying the elite and creative youths across the country and training them for building their capacity to be used in development of peace in Afghanistan,” said Dr. Sadat.
According to Sadat, the contract signed with FEFA, was for creation of work coordination and solidarity between the deputy youth affairs ministry and the FEFA political rights advocate group, bilateral cooperation for rising awareness of the youth about their political rights in the country, providing facilities and paving the ground for their political, economic and cultural partnership in the center and provinces of the country, as well as empowerment of their political partnership at the national and international levels, said the agency quoting the acting minister. Both representatives of Afghan Women Network (AWN) and FEFA, Storay Tapesh and Maryam respectively spoke about the issues and said they were ready for providing all-out cooperation with the ministry of information and culture on youth affairs in different fields to help the youth take part in peace process and empower the women for their political partnership and getting awareness in these areas. At the end, the contracts were signed between Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy Youths Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture and Fida Mohammad Fayez, Head of Safety and Training Office for the Deputy Youth Affairs and AWN and FEFA Networks, the agency said.

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