MoIC Held a one-day Seminar to Boost Reading Culture

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Information and Culture organized a one-day seminar on Monday under the name (Promotion of Reading) at the International Press Hall of the Ministry In order to promote a culture of reading in the country.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Arts Mawlawi Atiqullah Azizi stressed the importance of reading books and called reading one of the most important factors in society.

Azizi said: “Afghan youth who have just emerged from the vortex of war must now turn to read books and adorn themselves with the ornaments of science.”

The Ministry of Information and Culture is committed for create a better environment to promote the culture of reading in the country, he added.

During the occasion, Qari Obaidullah Hanif, head of public libraries, urged citizens to take time to read in addition to their daily activities.

Hanif added that reading is the only way to escape falling into the trap of political games.

He stressed the importance of people’s cooperation to promote the culture of reading in the country and said that parents should inspire their children to read.

The participants of the seminar mentioned the book as a connection bridge between civilizations and called reading important for preserving the cultural identity of the country.

In the end, the participants called such seminars important for the promotion of the reading culture in the country and stressed the growth of such seminars in the future.

In support of education and to promote the reading culture in the country, a public library was built in the 1344 solar year, which currently has 95 public and 28 private libraries across the country.


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