Ministry of Vice and Virtue Ministry Refutes US Allegations

KABUL (BNA): The Ministry of Vice and Virtue issued a statement dismissing the United States’ allegations against Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Hanafi as unfounded.

According to the ministry, certain entities acting within oppressive and oppressive regimes make repeated attempts to destroy the reputation of respectable figures of the Islamic Emirate through unfounded accusations.

The statement also notes that the accusations leveled against the Acting Minister of Vice and Virtue are without evidence, highlighting the importance of independent and impartial agencies thoroughly investigating these unfounded claims and communicating the findings based on facts.

The Ministry underscores its commitment to following the guidance of Islam in promoting virtues, eliminating vices, and addressing people’s complaints.

It highlights the widespread support from the people of Afghanistan across its 34 provinces, districts, and villages for the unprecedented services of the ministry.

These statements from the Ministry come in response to sanctions imposed by the U.S. Departments of Treasury and State on Khalid Hanafi, the Acting of Minister of Vice and Virtue, and Sheikh Fareduddin Mahmoud, the head of the General Academy of Sciences, ostensibly for violating women’s rights.
The Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, condemned these sanctions, stating that applying pressure and sanctions is not a solution, saying that the US is practicing failed and futile experiments.


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