Khost police: we reduce drug business to zero along People Cooperation

KHOST (BNA) We reduced the drug business to zero with the cooperation of the people

Khost police say that with the cooperation of the people, they have been able to reduce the cultivation, sale and use of narcotics to zero.

In the past, drugs were traded freely in the markets of Khost, as in other parts of Afghanistan.

Khost police spokesman Mostaghfar garbz said that people’s cooperation with them has increased day by day and this cooperation has reduced the drug business in the province to zero.

He said that in recent days only one case of drug trafficking has been witnessed in Khost, the four men were also arrested in connection with tens of kilograms of drugs.

Khost police called on citizens to work more closely with them to curb criminal offenses.

Afzal, a citizen of Khost, is pleased that the cultivation, sale and use of narcotics in the province has been stopped.

He said the efforts of the security forces in the fight against narcotics are commendable.

Ashraf, another resident of Shahr-e Khost, says that in the past, drugs were openly deal in the markets, but now there is no trace of it.

Bakhtar News Agency


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