Islamic Emirate Committed to Principle-Based Freedom of Expression

KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, held meetings today with Mohammad Sadiq Chakari, former Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, and Mujib Rahman Bahir, the head of Ariana News, along with other national figures.

In these meetings, which also included Hussein Jafari and Dr. Daei al-Haq Abed, Chakari highlighted the recent actions of the Islamic Emirate in political and economic domains. He expressed that good opportunities have emerged for Afghans after decades and should be utilized effectively.

He added that the Islamic Emirate desires the welfare of all Afghans, and in this government, coercion, injustice, and biases have been eliminated.

The attendees continued to share their opinions and suggestions in written forms on various matters with the Deputy Prime Minister. Kabir stated that the Islamic Emirate is the common home for all Afghans, and every Afghan has the right to share their opinions and advice with government officials.

He added that government offices are open to everyone, and officials consider themselves responsible for solving people’s problems.
During the meeting with Mujib Rahman Bahir, the head of Ariana News, the Deputy Prime Minister discussed the situation of private media in the country.

Bahir mentioned that private media, based on their principles, have maintained the relationship between the government and the people, striving to portray the true image of Afghanistan to the world. He said some of the media issues have been resolved, and it is expected that more work will be done in this sector.

The Deputy Prime Minister considered the activities of private media alongside government media as important. He stated that the Islamic Emirate is committed to freedom of expression and has facilitated private media as much as possible, resolving their issues.


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