Gaza War Is a War against Children: UNICEF


KABUL (BNA): The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has declared Gaza as the most dangerous place for children, citing the ongoing conflict as a threat to the well-being of youngsters.

Ted Chaiban, the deputy executive director of UNICEF, who recently visited Gaza, stated, in comparison to my last visit two months ago, Gaza is significantly more disastrous, resembling a complete devastation.

He added that UNICEF has described Gaza as the most perilous place in the world for children, emphasizing the urgent need to stop the killing of children in this war.

According to media reports, the Ministry of Health reported 24,762 casualties, with a majority being children, on the 125th day of the conflict in Gaza.

Chaiban’s statement also mentioned that over 1.9 million people, nearly 85% of Gaza’s population, have become displaced, many experiencing multiple displacements.

More than one million of them are in Rafah.
He called for the immediate and permanent implementation of a clear ceasefire in Gaza.


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