Herat Economy Directorate Donates 3.6 Million Afghanis to Aid Flood Victims in Ghor Province


KABUL(BNA): The Herat Economy Directorate demonstrated solidarity by donating 3.6 million Afghanis to aid flood victims in Ghor province.

Haji Mullah Abdul Qadir, the head of the Herat Economy Directorate, informed BNA that, based on the direction of the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and in coordination with the Herat Province authorities, the collected aids were handed over to the representative of the Ghor Province authorities to assist the flood victims in Ghor.

He further elaborated that a committee was established four months ago, tasked with coordinating and attracting aid under the province’s economic leadership. This committee has diligently commenced its operations, underscoring Herat’s commitment to proactive disaster response and community support.

He asserted that the aid was meticulously collected through the committee’s outreach efforts spanning urban and district areas of Herat. This collective initiative signifies a unified response to support victims of various incidents.


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