MoUDH Urges Completion of Incomplete Development Projects in Afghanistan during UN Meeting


KABUL (BNA): In a meeting held between Sheikh Madar Ali Karimi Bamyani, Deputy Minister of Urban Development and Housing and Ms. Rosemary DiCarlo, the Deputy Secretary-General for United Nations Affairs in Security and International Peace, discussions were held on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and the need to address incomplete development projects in the country.

The meeting began with Ms. DiCarlo and her accompanying delegation expressing their condolences for the financial and human losses caused by recent heavy rains and floods that have affected several provinces in Afghanistan.

Turning their attention to the development sector, Sheikh Madar Ali Karimi Bamyani highlighted the presence of unfinished projects from the previous administration, which were partially funded by various donor countries and the World Bank.

Sheikh Bamyani expressed optimism about the overall security situation in Afghanistan, emphasizing the prevailing atmosphere of brotherhood and harmony. He assured the delegation that the Afghan people now enjoy a safe environment where they can breathe freely.

Responding to the concerns raised by Sheikh Bamyani, Ms. Rosemary DiCarlo pledged her support and stated her intention to address the issue of semi-completed development projects in Afghanistan during the upcoming Doha meeting.

She assured the Afghan side that she would raise this matter with the relevant countries and advocate for the World Bank’s involvement in completing these projects.

The meeting concluded with both sides expressing their determination to work closely together to overcome the challenges faced by Afghanistan.


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