Gaza Crisis: WHO Reports High Levels of Food Insecurity and Humanitarian Needs

KABUL (BNA): According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ongoing conflict in Gaza has left 36 percent of families facing severe food insecurity and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

The majority of the population lacks access to food and clean water, as well as basic health services and medicines.

The Gaza Health Ministry warns that there is no safe place for civilians to seek refuge from the relentless Israeli airstrikes and shelling, which have caused widespread destruction and casualties.

The situation remains dire, despite the efforts of the United Nations Security Council to broker an immediate ceasefire. The United States vetoed and rejected the proposal, drawing criticism and condemnation from the international community.

The Gaza war has claimed the lives of 17,700 Palestinians and more than 2,000 Israelis, while injuring 50,000 others, according to the latest figures.


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