Dr. Abdul Bari Omar Considers His Trip to Netherlands Productive


KABUL (BNA): Dr. Abdul Bari Omar, the head of Afghanistan’s National Food and Drug Administration, held a press conference today to share the details of his productive trip to the Netherlands.

He attended the second World Local Production Forum in Den Haag, where he was officially invited with a Schengen visa.

He said that the forum was a great opportunity to interact with high-ranking officials and representatives of large companies from around 100 countries.

He explained the security and development achievements in various fields, especially the health sector, and the facilities that have been created for investors. He invited them to visit and invest in Afghanistan.

Mr. Omar said that presenting the real and positive image of Afghanistan to the international community in such forums has a positive impact and counters the biased media that spread false information about the country and the government.

He said that some participants and representatives of large private-sector companies expressed their interest in traveling to Afghanistan and investing in medicine and medical products.

He welcomed their initiative and promised to facilitate their activities.

He said that he met with some Afghan citizens in Europe and listened to their plans and suggestions for their homeland.

He said that these meetings were non-political and aimed at strengthening national unity among Afghans.

He dismissed the criticism of some biased circles about his trip as worthless and said that they did not want the development and unity of Afghanistan.


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