Central Bank to Inject $12m in Market 

KABUL (BNA) The Central Bank of Afghanistan has announced that it will inject $12 million through an open bidding process on Sunday, June 17.

The central bank in a newsletter to BNA, informs that the eligible exchange and money service companies willing to participate in the tender are required to settle their accounts by the end of the auction day.

The bank further clarifies that partial liquidation of transactions in foreign exchange tenders is not allowed and the tender winners are obliged to partially liquidate transactions despite their cash guarantee to the central bank within the specified time frame.

The central bank almost every week put some amount of dollars to auctions in the market through open bids to keep the national currency balance in the market.

In the meantime, the largest money market (Sarai Shahzada) in Kabul has announced an exchange rate of 1 USD to 89 afghanis in the market.


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