Two-Day Extension of Ceasefire in Gaza is Not Sufficient: UN Secretary-General

KABUL (BNA): Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, says that the Gaza crisis is deeper than perceived, and a two-day ceasefire is not sufficient to respond to a critical situation.

While welcoming the extension of the two-day ceasefire between Hamas and Israel as a glimmer of hope amid the darkness of war, he deems it insufficient to aid the people of Gaza.

Guterres emphasizes that a two-day ceasefire is not enough to resolve the profound Gaza crisis.

Speaking about the Middle East situation, he notes that the seven-week hostility in Gaza has caused appalling casualties, shocking the world.

Following the end of the four-day temporary ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, Qatar, as one of the intermediary countries, announced the extension of the ceasefire for another 48 hours.

Meanwhile, the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Qatari Foreign Minister and his American counterpart discussed the latest developments in the Gaza war and the temporary ceasefire.

In this telephone conversation, the Qatari Foreign Minister emphasized the need to continue efforts for a permanent ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.


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