Snow Leopard Captured for Attacking Livestock to Undergo Veterinary Treatment

KABUL (BNA) To protect both livestock and the endangered snow leopard population, authorities in the Zebak district of Badakhshan have taken a snow leopard into captivity.

The decision was made after the leopard was found responsible for repeated attacks on local livestock, posing a threat to the livelihoods of the community.

Following the capture, the snow leopard is currently being kept in a safe and secure environment.

The veterinarian will diagnose and treat any injuries or ailments the snow leopard may have sustained during the attacks on livestock.

Once the treatment is completed, efforts will be made to release the snow leopard back into its natural habitat.

Experts will carefully select a suitable location that provides an optimal environment for the leopard’s survival and ensures minimal interaction with local livestock.

The release of the snow leopard will not only serve to protect the species but also maintain a delicate ecological balance in the region.

The authorities aim to foster coexistence between humans and wildlife, promoting harmony and sustainable practices.


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