Noori Visits Scene Where Deadly Pakistani Airstrikes Hits

KHOST (BNA) Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal traveled to Spira Khost district, where he witnessed deadly Pakistani airstrikes.

Mullah Noorullah Noori met with the injured and the families of the victims. On his visits to Khost province.

The Minister of Borders, Tribal meeting with families of those bereaved by Pakistani attacks said the Islamic Emirate followed the cause of incidents seriously.

Medics at the central hospital of the province reported the conditions of injured civilians from the assault satisfactory.

Recently, an airstrike by the Pakistani military killed Forty-seven of Afghan civilians and dozens more wounded in Khost and Konar provinces.

All the victims were innocent civilians and local villagers. but Pakistan says the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) hideouts were targeted.

These attacks provoked a sharp reaction from the Islamic Emirate.

In response to the Pakistan military airstrike in Khost province which killed and wounded dozens of civilians, “Pakistan’s military needs to be careful repeating such an act on Afghanistan soil and it would have bad consequences,” said Mujahid spokesman of Islamic Emirate


Bakhtar News Agency

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