MoMD: Rescue Team Sent to Kabul-Ghor Highway

Kabul (BNA) Mawlawi Sharaf u-din Muslim, Deputy Minister of State management disaster, said a rescue team had been sent to the Kabul-Ghor highway for to rescue civilians who stuck due to heavy snowfall.

Deputy Mawlawi Sharaf u-din Muslim, said in a press conference today: “Due to heavy snowfall and storm, about two hundred passengers were stuck on the Kabul-Ghor highway.” The Ministry of State for management disaster Affairs took immediate action when the incident had specified, and we sent our rescue team who are in the area to the people involved in the incident, added he.

He also informed about the closure of Salang Highway and said that no major work has been done in the last 20 years in terms of convenience for passengers of Salang Highway. The Islamic Emirate, especially the Ministry of state management disaster planning in cooperation with other relevant departments, to solve the problems of Salang highway in a fundamental and general plan in the future.

He as well provides details about the recent rainfalls, saying that person get killed and three others were injured in recent rainfalls in Badakhshan.

He said that the Ministry of State for Disaster Management is fully prepared for the events caused by the recent rains and has so far reopened the nine thousand forty-five kilometers of roads that were closed due to the recent rainfalls. Hard-to-reach areas Precautions steps have been taken.

“Aids provided by Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan have distributed by the ministry to displaced and affected by natural disasters, said he.

He reminded that the ministry has regular plans in different parts of the events next year.

Meanwhile, due to snowfall and storms, twenty-five passenger cars with two hundred passengers on the Kabul-Ghor highway in the Kotal-e-Bakbak area are stranded.

Bakhtar News Agency

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