Martyrs, Disabled Affairs Minister Advocates for Economic Upliftment of War-Affected Families


KABUL (BNA): In a meeting with South African scholars, Mullah Abdul Majid Akhund, the Acting Minister of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, expressed his commitment to effecting a positive change in the economic situation of the families of martyrs and disabled individuals.

He underscored the sacrifices made by the Afghan people against foreign invasions and called for attention to the many families physically and financially impacted by past conflicts.

Sheikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani provided information about the number of martyrs in Afghanistan, disabled individuals, heirs, and martyr families.

He emphasized that the Islamic Emirate is consistently working to provide more assistance to deserving communities, aiming for a positive economic transformation.

He further noted that the Islamic Emirate has never forgotten or neglected orphans, widows, and the disabled, considering it a moral and conscientious responsibility to ensure their voices reach charitable institutions and aid agencies, thereby facilitating increased support for those in need.

Representing South African scholars, Mufti Abdullah pledged to encourage and motivate aid institutions to provide more assistance to the affected groups in Afghanistan.


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