Laghman Community Declared their Supports for IEA

LAGHMAN (BNA) Laghman Qarghayi district residents declared their support for Islamic Emirate during an assembly on Monday.

Hundreds of Islamic scholars, tribal elders, and youth participated in the session, adding that they would stand against fake media propaganda against Islam Emirate.

The district governor of Qarghayi Mawlawi Noor AlHadi Sarem Saeed said “the people’s cooperation toward ensuring security is important and said that the people should be diligently in cooperating with the security sector.

Mentioning to the productivity of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, he said that now the Islamic system has ruled the country and we need to stand against negative propaganda, he added.

Tribes’ elders and Islamic scholars participating in the session, declaring their support for the Islamic Emirate, promised to cooperate with the security sector in order to ensure security in the country.


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